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Hard Work ( our parents) Vs Smart Work ( our generation)

Does Hard Work Pay More Than Smart Work?   Were a culture that celebrates over working. We've been brainwashed to think working long and hard is the key to success. I 100% agree that without hard work and lots of it you will never succeed. But I believe that working smart learning from mentors to… Learn More

Accountability Up And Down Is Gold

      Happy Easter to all my dreamchasing family!!! After the holidays we all need to get back to the dreamchasing! I cannot stress this enough but having accountability is one of the fundamental pillars of performing at your highest levels! I'm Accountable to those above me, my mentors and including god . And… Learn More

The Failure Show!


Really excited to launch a new project I had wanted to do for the past 14 months. 2014 is going to be an incredibly valuable year in terms of education and contribution. I'm launching The Failure Show!!! Going to interview some of the worlds most successful experts.   But not about their success about their… Learn More

Billion Dollar Master Mind


Billion Dollar Mastermind - Dubai - Some of our guests have already arrived and more are on their way over the next day or two. looking forward to spending a great new years eve with you all, and kicking ass together in 2014 as one big happy hustling dream chasing family… Learn More

Investment Opportunities …… (Really?)


If I had a dollar for every time someone inboxes me and says I got this investment opportunity for you it's going to be huge I'm going to make you filthy rich and your going to thank me for this chance. I just need x amount of money. I myself was once was an entrepreneur… Learn More