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Regardless of how hard treacherous and dangerous the road may be. Never ever give up. Never stop persisting. Giving up is one option completely removed from my character. I will fail spectacularly but I will refuse to give up.

I will take a beating like no one has ever seen but I refuse to lay down and quit. That's what separates champions from amateurs. The desire and commitment to keep going against all odds and through every pinch and punch of pain that appears.

I'm far from the smartest cat on the block but I have always done two things better than almost anyone else. I have incredible never ending work ethic and once I set my mind to something I persist and persist and persist until I have achieved it. I never let the first or second or even 875th obstacle stop me from pushing forward.

The whole world starts things but only a handful of the entire worlds population has the courage and consistency to finish the things they start instead of dropping them mid way and starting something else.

Chase your dreams and never ever stop. Be unreasonable towards anyone or anything that blocks your dreams. Be a downright lunatic. That's the kind of belief and certainty that moves mountains and makes shit happen in this world.

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