March 28, 2017

Write Goals 5 Times a Day

We’re up in the studio working hard at creating this mindset program with the crew. One of our previous articles on beliefs got syndicated to the insider. In this article, I was talking about goal setting and how I write my goals out daily 5 times a day without fail.

This is one of the things we’ll be teaching the mindset program. Exactly how I write my goals, why goal setting, daily goal writing, and consistent repetition rewires the brain and neurons to begin thinking and believing more and more positive optimistic and invincible.

I’ve used this technique for over 10 years, and after a few years, I had to change all my goals into much bigger and more ambitious ones because all the previous ones became a reality. I’ve done this with many students and friends too, and there’s this magical power that goes into the universe when you write your goals out.

When you transfer mind to paper and keep on doing that daily, it sends a strong vibrational signal out into the universe, and the universe begins conspiring to bring you the opportunities you need to make all your goals and dreams a reality.

Excited for this program to launch soon it is going to change hundreds of thousands of mindsets forever.

Tomorrow we’ve got our first beta test group coming in so we can perfect the delivery of this content, get some feedback and get it primed and ready to launch in beta and then public.

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