April 17, 2017

What Are The Best Investment’s You Can Ever Make?

What is the best investment you’ve ever made? In this article on Entrepreneur.com, me and several other billionaires and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs share their insights on some of the most successful investments we ever made.


Personally, I’ve made a lot of investments across multiple different industries and niches. I love investing it is by far the most important part of my career right now and takes up 60% of my time these days.

On average we make dozens of investments per month now ranging from small investments in the tens of thousands into the hundreds of thousands and the millions.

But there are a few things that I value regarding the best investments I ever made. I share my insights in this article.

One of the best immaterial investments you can ever make is picking the right life partner.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your significant other and your life can either be a hell of an experience or a heaven of an experience.

Whether you have money or not with the right life partner, you could be considered super-wealthy, or regardless of if you have a lot of money with the wrong life partner, you could be regarded as extremely poor.

Picking the right life partner who supports you in everything you do is something a brilliant smart investor calculates very wisely. It is by far one of the most important investments you will ever make.

Then comes your kids, this is again the most important investment you will ever make. If you fail to invest the proper time energy and knowledge into your children, you will experience a challenging job parenting.

Good children could be the bedrock of your family experience and ultimately your entire future success. Bad kids or children who you’ve never invested the time into grooming into little confident rock stars could eventually end up costing you a whole lot down the road.

Your kids could be your greatest investment ever so make sure that you properly take the time out to educate them on everything they need to be prepared about to conquer the world.

I make sure my kids continually learn and apply also consistently developing the best mindset and belief system required to overcome any challenges life might throw at them.

Then comes yourself. Real wealth is who you become not only in the material side of things but the spiritual physical and mental.

Investing regularly into your education your personal development, your growth, maturity and higher consciousness will reap massive rewards.

It takes me a smile tweak in my mind or beliefs, or a small shift in my operations or management that creates millions in value for me.

You could take away every single thing I owned or built, and I could start all over from scratch and quickly build it all back up to an even higher level because I invest heavily into myself and my growth.

The more I invest into myself, the more intelligent I become and the better decisions I make.

Money is a by-product of personal growth and power. The smarter and stronger you became the more resilient resourceful and calculated you become. Never forget that you are ultimately your greatest investment in addition to your family.

Then comes the money side of things. As most of you know by now, i invest 90 cents of every single dollar that I make, and I live off the 10% that’s left over.

So you could imagine how much money that is I am constantly reinvesting into more and more diversified investment vehicles.

We invest heavily in many industries but lately the thing I am most excited about is our real estate, division.

It is the most promising area I think this year we will crush. In the past, i’ve lost millions in the real estate game, but all of that was the best education I could have been blessed to receive.

Because it taught me exactly how to understand the risks involved in this real estate game. We’ve launched some exciting contracting and building companies and are consolidating our infrastructure by adding engineering and architecture pieces.

I’m confident will be poised to experience some serious growth in the next few years, and this will launch us into the stratosphere of real estate developers builders and investors.

I fully expect our real estate division to surpass all other areas of our conglomerate. There is the risk in everything especially when it comes to investments but understanding the risk is what makes a great investor successful.

Knowing how to minimize and mitigate the risk is what makes the risk manageable, and the result profitable. Tech is still our bread and butter, but the real estate area is growing so rapidly that this year it will give our tech division a run for its money.

Check out the article there’s some great advice from some very wealthy entrepreneurs and make sure that your budgeting a certain percentage of your income to start getting into investing because anyone can make money, keeping it is a whole different story.

I’ve known hundreds of entrepreneurs who’ve all made millions if I was to count how many of them still have the millions it starts to dwindle down to the double digits only.

Imagine that hundreds of millionaires and only 30-45 who still have something to show for all that hard work and effort.

It’s not what you make that matters, it’s what you invest, grow and compound that ultimately buys you that financial freedom.

Money made is a great start, money spent in the building as many assets as possible are the finish line. If you’ve never invested, i highly suggest you make it a priority this year to get into the game whether big or small. And if you’re already investing get into the game deeper.

Your whole objective should be to make as much as possible so you can invest as much as possible. Making the money just to invest into building the assets.

That’s real financial freedom. I could stop doing everything I’m doing this minute, and all the assets will continue to provide the highest quality and quantity of life for my entire family for generations to come.

It is weak wisdom to attain money and then find yourself a slave to it. It is most wise to reach money and then put it to work being a master of it instead of a slave.

When money is working for you, then you don’t need to work for it ever again.

Most people get this wrong they spend their life working for money and never put money to work for them instead.

The best part about building some passive income is that it affords you the power to make a significant social impact and positive change in the world in a sustainable way.

The more you make, the more you can invest into fixing the world’s problems and increasing the equality of opportunity in this world.

That’s what a great legacy is all about.

So get out there and learn, then get out there and earn, then get out there and invest and then get out there and change the world. Good luck friends!


Com Mirza

Investor - over 7 dozen investments, Entrepreneur 30+ companies, Global Mentor to 50k + people

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irma shahida - April 27, 2017 Reply

very good article and info you share.. keep sharing and helping intrepreneurs out there

thumbs up com mirza👍👍👏👏

Mukhtar - February 22, 2018 Reply

Masha Allaah this is one of the best motivational messages that I have seen recently. I adore you brother Commirza and I will implement these tips as per my capacity. You are my role model and am striving to follow your wisdom and secrets that you mentioned here and many other places while doing the public speeches. I hope to realize my dreams as same as you did. Jazakallaah

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