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March 28, 2017

Write Goals 5 Times a Day

We’re up in the studio working hard at creating this mindset program with the crew. One of our previous articles on beliefs got syndicated to the insider. In this article, I was talking about goal setting and how I write my goals out daily 5 times a day without fail.

This is one of the things we’ll be teaching the mindset program. Exactly how I write my goals, why goal setting, daily goal writing, and consistent repetition rewires the brain and neurons to begin thinking and believing more and more positive optimistic and invincible.

I’ve used this technique for over 10 years, and after a few years, I had to change all my goals into much bigger and more ambitious ones because all the previous ones became a reality. I’ve done this with many students and friends too, and there’s this magical power that goes into the universe when you write your goals out.

When you transfer mind to paper and keep on doing that daily, it sends a strong vibrational signal out into the universe, and the universe begins conspiring to bring you the opportunities you need to make all your goals and dreams a reality.

Excited for this program to launch soon it is going to change hundreds of thousands of mindsets forever.

Tomorrow we’ve got our first beta test group coming in so we can perfect the delivery of this content, get some feedback and get it primed and ready to launch in beta and then public.

Check out the latest post in ThisIsInsider

December 13, 2016

How I Stay Focused and Achieve Peak Performance

What does Tony Robbins do before he steps on stage addressing a crowd of 10,000 people? what would you do before undertaking a mission of great importance? how would you prepare yourself to do battle against giants? We’ve all heard about getting into the right state and how being in the right state of flow allows you to operate at your highest potential.

Check out this article on in which myself and other entrepreneurs share some of their secrets to getting into state.

If you’ve ever seen me prepare for something in which I need to show up at my best you already know my process. If you’ve never seen me prepare then read on and I’ll explain how I do it.

I’ve used this technique to lift 445 pounds!

I’ve used this technique to overcome the nervousness of speaking to a crowd of 5000+ people!

I’ve used this technique to sharpen my mindset and negotiate multi-million dollar contracts!

I’ve used this technique to submit a friend during a friendly MMA match!

I’ve used this technique to overcome any shred of fear, worry or self-doubt in countless situations!

This technique hands down works for me. It may or may not work for you. We all have our own rituals and techniques we use to lift ourselves up to our peak performance state. This is simply mine.

I envision myself in a UFC octagon. The gate just closed and it’s a death match. The door is bolted shut with chains and locks and there is no other way out of the ring other than to do battle and win.

I then pace back and forth in a fast paced walk and hop. I keep hopping and walking fast from one side of the cage to the other. Like a pit bull before a dogfight to the death. All the while fixing my eyes firmly on my opponent, or my objective or the weights or the task at hand. With each pace back and forth I do two things. The first thing I do is pray to god for my opponent or whatever it is that is standing in my path. I then ask god to give me the strength. Using the names and attributes of god almighty to seek his blessings and help.

The second thing I do is I tell myself that this person is standing in the way of your dreams. This obstacle whatever stands between me and my dream. It is the sole thing blocking the success freedom and security of me, my entire family, all my friends, all my business partners, all my employees, all my fans and followers and every single person living in poverty around the world suffering from oppression, injustice, and evil.

As I continue to pace back and forth and pray for my strength and create certainty in my mind this magical energy begins to take place. All fear doubt worry anxiety begins to evaporate and all that’s left is just a single-minded purpose and a raging passion of enormous intensity like a high powered super laser. My focus sharpens like a Kitana sword from an ancient samurai master. I continue to remind myself this obstacle stands in the way of your entire dream and everyone you ever loved. If you do not conquer this obstacle you not only kill yourself, and your dream but the dreams of every single person you have ever loved prayed for and desired to help.

Then when the energy builds up until it reaches the tipping point I attack my obstacle with everything I can. I peak almost like Goku and his super saayyan flow. I reach the point of the darkest Hado like Ryu and Akuma. Thunderbolts and lightning strike in my heart and soul and a great sense of love envelopes me. With this hard to describe mix of intense love and extreme rage and prejudice, I conquer my obstacle.

I’m doing my best to describe the mix of emotions thoughts and feelings that I experience but even then I do a very bad job at it because the feeling is almost indescribable.

This is my ritual. It may sound weird to some, intense to some and just down right crazy lunatic to some. But it has served me so well that I never ever fail to use it. It has helped me achieve success and accurate results in everything I’ve ever used it for.

For some people they use positive affirmations, some people yell and scream, some people imagine and envision. Tony Robbins using affirmations and take a cold plunge in his pools. I simply prepare myself for the greatest war and battle of my life and I treat it as such.

It is hard to share how many times this one technique has changed my life and allowed me to go from zero to 100 thousand in 10-20 seconds flat. If you’ve read this far in my post and seen the article on and read the other entrepreneurs rituals and habits to reach peak performance. I’d love for you to share some of your habits and techniques. Please comment on this post a ritual or strategy you use to conquer your fears, conquer your obstacles and achieve your highest successes. Please share what you uniquely do to reach your peak performance.

December 3, 2016

2 Things You Need To Do Towards Mastering Goals

One of my biggest absolute biggest secrets to success is found in this article and a bunch of other cool strategies from moguls like Grant Cardone, Barbara Corcoran and others in

This is a 100% belief of mine. I strongly believe in this process and I’ve used it religiously for 10 + years. We are largely the sum of our beliefs, our lives in all materials, successes, developments and circumstances is a representation of our core beliefs in action. Some people have negative beliefs about themselves, about others and about the world and their lives resemble tremendous negative circumstances and results.

On the other hand, some people like myself included are incurable optimists we believe in positive outcomes, positive results, circumstances experiences, and situations. One of the best ways to create your own positive reality and experiences is to envision them happening constantly, to impregnate the mind with a mini movie of some sorts that you endlessly run over and over and add details until it feels so real that you bend the universe to actually make it a concrete reality.

For almost 10 + years I have been writing my goals down every single day 5 times a day. I used to write them out by hand on pen and paper and then graduated to writing them out on my phone. I never miss a day, and even if I skip a reminder I never sleep without writing them down. I write them down first thing upon waking up and i make sure to write them down before i go to bed. This again deepens the connection of my goals to my subconscious mind and helps speed up the opportunities that help make them a reality.

I have a daily reminder that goes off and reminds me to write out my goals. I use this technique to help me visualize, to control the quality and stream of thoughts in my head. I do this to continually realign my mind with a strong mental anchor of thought vibrations. This helps me tell the universe who i am, what i am destined to do, what my fate holds for me, why i should be hustling harder than everyone else, how to reinforce my beliefs and why i have the potential to overcome any challenge adversity or setback.

There’s times i experience struggle and adversity but reminding the universe of my goals and intentions significantly helps me over all obstacles. You cannot dream of doing such big things and then at the same time let petty things hold you down. I can speak from first hand experience dreams do come true. I’m a 34 year old multi multi millionaire who grew up in a small town with a population of less than 1 million where most entrepreneurs never made it big or ever made it out of town. Where the coolest people where the ones who amassed debt and liabilities but never any investments.

I live in the worlds tallest building, drive some of the worlds nicest fastest and most expensive cars but 90% of everything i make i invest and re invest into assets, income producing assets. When i was a kid growing up and when i was writing down my goals everyday these were some of the goals i use to write down. Writing goals down consistently has tremendous power in them. Your taking your thought vibrations and recording them down on paper or your phone making them outer and inner thought vibrations. Your letting the energy spread and as it spreads it circles the universe and eventually comes back to you in the same form. If you spread good it comes back great. If you spread great it comes back greater.

I encourage all of you to write out your goals all the time. You will find that one by one they will come true. They have for me, for hundreds of my students all around the world. I continue to up the goals so they get bigger and more challenging. Through time even the challenging ones begin to become a reality. 6 years ago i fed 5000 people meals. This year in 2016 we fed 21.5 million meals. It is a goal of mine to eventually feed 100 million people a year. The more i write my goals out the more my mind works to construct the path that will help me make them a reality. Success is a conscious understanding of mind and body and using your mind more than anything to control your outer reality.

Start writing your goals out, do them daily, and do them consistently and watch how your life begins to form around your greatest qualities of thought energy and vibration.