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January 27, 2017

3 Categorizes of People Who Either Love You or Hate You

Have you ever had a disgruntled customer, a hater, or someone who just doesn’t like you? How do you deal with it in a positive way?

Here are a few excellent ways on that myself and other amazing entrepreneurs deal with a negative soul.

Let’s face it if you’re going to be successful and raise your profile in the world your going to come across haters, and angry customers.

There is no one size that fits all so that you will come across all kinds of characters, and negative people. Most just want some attention from you or for you to give them a freebie or to vent their frustration.

I have a simple rule I try to follow, and I categorize people into 3 categories.

This ability to compartmentalize people of different engagements helps a lot in being able to emotionally deal with them and allows you to free yourself up to focus on what’s important.

1. 33.33% Haters – these are people who regardless of what amount of money you make, lives that you change or the world you improve they will always hate you.

You will spend a lot of time trying to rack your brain and figure out what it is you did and why that someone out there could hate you so much even when they don’t even know you.

These people will find wherever you are online and find a way to slander, defame or harm you and your reputation.

These people are usually miserable, have tiny to no source of income and usually just hate you because your successfully impacting lives and they don’t get to benefit from your efforts.

Rest assured if they hate you they also hate many other people, so you’re not alone.

These people will go above and beyond the average level to try to tell the whole world how bad of a human being you are.

They will convince a bunch of similar minds to theirs to hate you alongside them. In this situation there is nothing you can do, if you try to defend yourself, it will only grow the problem and give them the idea that if they keep hating you will keep responding to them giving them attention.

Just do you, success is the best revenge and for anyone who hates you continuing to succeed wildly will pretty much do the job of pissing them off even more.

It doesn’t matter what you try they’ll never stop hating you. It is in their very nature and something you can’t change in them they must want to change it themselves.

Use these people as a fuel source to remind yourself you have a purpose on this planet and that you need to keep succeeding grinding and shining.

The more you chase your dreams and help others pursue theirs the more you will come across negativity. Negativity and Haters are usually reserved for those people who are somehow somewhere making a big difference in the world.

Keep making a difference that is all the matters in the end.

2. 33.33% Neutral People – This category is people who regardless of who you are what you’ve done and how you have made a difference they will never care.

To them your irrelevant, you don’t exist, and they don’t want to spend anytime entertaining the thought of you.

These people usually are self-absorbed, and close minded they don’t pay attention to any significant success and could care less if you’ve climbed Mount Everest or made millions of dollars.

The key to dealing with these people is just to ignore them. Categorize them into the neutral category and just carry on with your life.

3. 33.33% Raving Fans – These are the people who love you.

They recognize, admire, respect and support all the good you do for yourself and others.

They like comment share and engage with you in everything you do. They buy your products, services, and support your businesses.

These are loyal loving and motivating people. They will always message you with questions asking for guidance and most of the time they apply everything you teach and share with them.

Your job is to SERVE these people as best as you can with all the love support and patience they deserve.

If you focus on helping these people, they will always stay loyal to supporting your dreams.

The more you concentrate on this category of people the more your life will improve, and your happiness will skyrocket.

These people become your army and defend you against all the haters and neutral people out there.

Whether you are present or absent, they will always speak good of you and about you.

These people respect your hustle, they live to learn from you, they model your actions, and they continually get uplifted, motivated and inspired by your words, thoughts, actions, and consistent habits.

What I usually do is mentally file-fold all the people I meet online and offline into these 3 categories.

I want to spend my life surrounded by positive, motivating, inspiring people because I believe any other energy source can bring you down to a lower emotional state and you cannot serve the world while staying in a lower emotional state.

It is only great optimism and positivity that encourages a person to keep helping sharing loving and giving unconditionally.

The next time you come across someone trying to bring you down remember your job is to focus only on those bringing you up and to ignore delete block and remove from your life all harmful elements that do not support your purpose passion and dreams. Surround yourself with great human beings and you are destined for greatness.

December 29, 2016

How We Deal With Customer Complaints

A rowdy customer? Let’s face it if you’re in business then most likely you’ve dealt with a customer complaint, a bad review, a time when someone wasn’t happy with your service or product offering.

It happens all the time in business; customers come from all walks of life, all mindsets and all levels of income.

The reason they buy is that they are sold through a sales process or have a desire to purchase whatever it is your offering.

Usually, after buying they either are happy with their purchase or they are disgruntled angry and feel as if they are owed compensation in return.

If you’re like me and you’ve been in business a long time, then you’ve had your fair share of experiences with angry customers.

Sometimes the customer is justified, and their experience was not up to par, other times the customer is just trying to take you for a free spin and wants a refund.

All customers are different but your response to dealing with customers should always be the same. Always try to mediate the situation and get to the cause of the problem. More often than not if you can get to the root of the problem and provide a reasonable solution, you will turn things around.

Check out this article in with me and some awesome entrepreneurs about how we deal with customer complaints and how we win our customers over.

I recently had a customer who placed a $20,000 order for a booth at my expo. It was a huge exhibition with over 40,000 people who attended.

The customer was not happy with some minor issues about his booth set up.

The problem was the build up was done by a third party company and not my people.

I complained to the third party company but either way, my customer was not happy and ultimately the responsibility to rectify the situation was entirely mine alone.

He asked for a refund to which I complied even though in my heart I didn’t want to and didn’t feel it was sincere.

I still agreed with my customer I didn’t argue back, or defend myself and say it wasn’t my fault and I was not honoring the refund.

I agreed completely with the customer and said the set up was not up to par. It can be much better, and you deserve better.

I told him I’m going to process your refund immediately no questions asked, I also asked him what his favorite restaurant was. He mentioned it was Novikov in Dubai.

Which also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants and a place I usually visit once a week. I called up the manager of the restaurant told him I needed a favor and said I wanted to purchase a gift voucher.

The manager set it all up and coordinated my request correctly. I sent my personal driver to go pick it up right away, and I sent along a handwritten note apologizing for the misunderstanding and explaining that I would love the opportunity to make it right.

I then had it hand delivered to his personal residence in the evening.

I also got the manager of the restaurant to give him a call and tell him they were excited to host him inside Novikov at his next visit and when he intended to come to call the manager himself so he can greet him outside and walk him in.

Needless to say, the customer was blown away. He had never experienced this kind of gesture in making a sincere effort to make things right.

He called me up and ended up taking a $30,000 vendor booth instead of a $20,000 one. He not only took a bigger booth but he also signed up for next year as well.

Sometimes we want to respond with defending ourselves and explaining our side of the story. But there usually is a time and place to do that, and when the customer is complaining and angry, it’s not the time and place.

You don’t feed the fire with more fuel you neutralize it by using some water or a softer approach.

When the time was right, and the customer was happy again, I then explained my side of the story. It resulted in 10k more in sales and repeated business for another year.

If I was to quantify how much that restaurant voucher, that call to the manager, and the hand-delivered a note with my personal driver cost me, it was peanuts to the 40k in repeat business that I received for my genuine efforts at making the situation a win-win situation for all sides.

So next time you have a disgruntled customer try to figure out the root of the problem, agree with the customer immediately and then work on finding an amicable solution. Be genuine in your approach.

The customer isn’t always right that’s a big misconception, but most of the time the customer does deserve the best service and highest level of attention and care especially if they are spending thousands of dollars with you.

If you make a small effort in pleasing your customers and solving their concerns which most of the time just takes proper listening, then you will gain a customer for life.

Finding new customers is costly, and customer acquisition eventually slows down, that’s why keeping your customers and retaining their business for years to come will keep your business alive and well.

November 17, 2016

The Secrets That Super charge Your Personal Branding

What do a bunch of entrepreneurs like myself, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, and a bunch of other awesome entrepreneurs know about building personal brands?

It’s simple we have all built strong personal brands using different methods and strategies. I personally have built a huge following online and i share some tips in this article along with my other contributors.

I remember seeing an interview with comedian Russell Peters on how he got so big and he said that he used to show up anywhere and everywhere even if it was a crowd of 1 person or 100 people. He would show up and perform and eventually the crowds got bigger. Now he performs to sold-out crowds of 50,000 plus consistently.

I personally have applied the same formula throughout the last 5-6 years i’ve shown up everywhere. over 30 countries, over 50 cities in the last 18 months alone. I once spoke and educated entrepreneurs in 9 different cities in 4 days. So you can imagine the hectic travel schedule and endless nights of sleep that took. I’ve continually showed up all around the world over and over again at hundreds of events, conferences, workshops and masterminds including hosting and running my own masterminds, conferences and finally this year our very first Expo attended by over 41,000 people.

There’s no big secret here, if you want to grow your personal brand you have to get out there and educate people on what you have learned that can help them make money, solve their pains and personally develop their minds, businesses and bank accounts. You have to show up, produce massive content and consistently keep doing so until you reach that tipping point where the offers to speak, perform, educate, teach and share your knowledge and experience out grow your comfort zone and out grow your available time.

Today i get multiple requests almost every single day to speak somewhere and teach somewhere and share my successes and failures. But it all starts with you getting out there, showing up and relentlessly continuing to get out there and show up.

Check out this article.