Com’s Story

Com Mirza is a serial entrepreneur, investor and dream chaser.

He’s launched over 3 dozen companies around the world, made almost 100 Investments, mentored trained and coached thousands of entrepreneurs and has been a driving force in raising the level of contribution on the planet through his TheContributon.Org project.

From a humble lemonade stand with a group of neighbourhood kids at the age of 6 to living in the worlds tallest building in downtown Dubai Com is committed to chasing his potential and his dreams.

He spends 50% of his time making investments into entrepreneurs, early stage companies, and real estate deals and the other 50% split between launching new ventures, launching charitable/philanthropic projects, publicly speaking, mentoring and training entrepreneurs in his Billion Dollar Mastermind, and other mastermind programs, workshops and events. He runs the Dream Chasing Family a community of over 45,000 people around the world who collaborate to help each other reach their dreams faster.

He’s passionate about chasing dreams, personal development, martial arts, traveling, business growth, accelerated mental development and mindsets, contribution, legacy, impact, and combatting inequality, poverty, and illiteracy . He’s personally helped over 60 entrepreneurs add over a million dollars+ in revenue to their businesses and over 300 entrepreneurs to start with nothing, or very low revenue and scale to mid-high six figures. He’s donated millions of dollars to charitable programs relating to education, food water, shelter, clothing and medicines primarily in the developing continents like asia, middle east and africa.

He lives a very humble lifestyle, is super down to earth, and practices strict financial discipline of investing 90% of his income and living off 10% to enjoy his life and helps thousands around the world develop the contribution + investor + abundance mindset.

When not mentoring superman he plays super daddy to his little daughter and son.