December 3, 2016

2 Things You Need To Do Towards Mastering Goals

One of my biggest absolute biggest secrets to success is found in this article and a bunch of other cool strategies from moguls like Grant Cardone, Barbara Corcoran and others in

This is a 100% belief of mine. I strongly believe in this process and I’ve used it religiously for 10 + years. We are largely the sum of our beliefs, our lives in all materials, successes, developments and circumstances is a representation of our core beliefs in action. Some people have negative beliefs about themselves, about others and about the world and their lives resemble tremendous negative circumstances and results.

On the other hand, some people like myself included are incurable optimists we believe in positive outcomes, positive results, circumstances experiences, and situations. One of the best ways to create your own positive reality and experiences is to envision them happening constantly, to impregnate the mind with a mini movie of some sorts that you endlessly run over and over and add details until it feels so real that you bend the universe to actually make it a concrete reality.

For almost 10 + years I have been writing my goals down every single day 5 times a day. I used to write them out by hand on pen and paper and then graduated to writing them out on my phone. I never miss a day, and even if I skip a reminder I never sleep without writing them down. I write them down first thing upon waking up and i make sure to write them down before i go to bed. This again deepens the connection of my goals to my subconscious mind and helps speed up the opportunities that help make them a reality.

I have a daily reminder that goes off and reminds me to write out my goals. I use this technique to help me visualize, to control the quality and stream of thoughts in my head. I do this to continually realign my mind with a strong mental anchor of thought vibrations. This helps me tell the universe who i am, what i am destined to do, what my fate holds for me, why i should be hustling harder than everyone else, how to reinforce my beliefs and why i have the potential to overcome any challenge adversity or setback.

There’s times i experience struggle and adversity but reminding the universe of my goals and intentions significantly helps me over all obstacles. You cannot dream of doing such big things and then at the same time let petty things hold you down. I can speak from first hand experience dreams do come true. I’m a 34 year old multi multi millionaire who grew up in a small town with a population of less than 1 million where most entrepreneurs never made it big or ever made it out of town. Where the coolest people where the ones who amassed debt and liabilities but never any investments.

I live in the worlds tallest building, drive some of the worlds nicest fastest and most expensive cars but 90% of everything i make i invest and re invest into assets, income producing assets. When i was a kid growing up and when i was writing down my goals everyday these were some of the goals i use to write down. Writing goals down consistently has tremendous power in them. Your taking your thought vibrations and recording them down on paper or your phone making them outer and inner thought vibrations. Your letting the energy spread and as it spreads it circles the universe and eventually comes back to you in the same form. If you spread good it comes back great. If you spread great it comes back greater.

I encourage all of you to write out your goals all the time. You will find that one by one they will come true. They have for me, for hundreds of my students all around the world. I continue to up the goals so they get bigger and more challenging. Through time even the challenging ones begin to become a reality. 6 years ago i fed 5000 people meals. This year in 2016 we fed 21.5 million meals. It is a goal of mine to eventually feed 100 million people a year. The more i write my goals out the more my mind works to construct the path that will help me make them a reality. Success is a conscious understanding of mind and body and using your mind more than anything to control your outer reality.

Start writing your goals out, do them daily, and do them consistently and watch how your life begins to form around your greatest qualities of thought energy and vibration.

Com Mirza

Investor - over 7 dozen investments, Entrepreneur 30+ companies, Global Mentor to 50k + people

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