December 20, 2016

Money Makes the World Go Round

Money makes the world go round

Money makes the world go round. Here’s an awesome article on MONEY in ! from myself Tim Draper, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, and some awesome entrepreneurs all very successful and multi-millionaires. We all share a few insights into making money, investing money and learning how to live the passive income dream lifestyle.

The biggest difference I found between people who have money and people who don’t is a mindset. It all boils down to how you use your mind and what it believes the value of money is. Once your mind has mastered the right beliefs about money, then you can begin to attract all the money making opportunities your ever going to need to realize your dream bank account. I’ll be sharing something cool about learning to invest and how to make millions over the next week. In fact, it’s so damn cool that I’m almost certain you’re going to jump at the chance to test it all out with me.

If I can change your beliefs about money, I’m confident I can change your bank account too.

I like to define rich as 1-10 million. If you’re in that category, you’re considered rich. The riches they come and go though so people don’t stay in that category for long. They either get the financial education and emotional discipline to graduate to wealthy or they lose their sense of reasoning, stay financially uneducated and emotionally on a roller coaster which usually ends up squandering all their millions and go back to poor or middle class.

Wealthy now that’s my favorite past time and the funniest thing to work towards not only becoming rich which I’ve managed to do but staying wealthy which I fully intend on staying in that category for the rest of my natural born life. Rich can be described as 50 million and above. So if you’ve got 50 million in personal net worth, you’re considered rich. If you’ve got 100 million + your considered ultra high net worth.

Being an ultra high net worth individual myself I get access to things most people could never even imagine exist let alone get first dibs on. Banks, funds, investors, angels they all share the money making opportunities when you’re in the UHNW category. Because they all know you’re looking for more money making opportunities and that your always willing to invest your capital in growing it.

I’ll be sharing some more information on exactly how to go about making tons of money without having to work all the damn time. Once you perfect the art of passive income, your only desire will be to work so you can continue to grow your passive income streams. Those tiny little streams lead to a mighty financial ocean in the future.

If you like the article and you’re interested in me going much deeper into the world of investing and making money, then just comment or like the post, and I’ll start crafting the next few posts to help you change your beliefs about MOOLAH!!!! Once I help you change your beliefs you’re going to attract money like a high powered magnet.

Com Mirza

Investor - over 7 dozen investments, Entrepreneur 30+ companies, Global Mentor to 50k + people

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Mustafa - January 27, 2017 Reply

Awesome article Mirza, thanks!!!!

Daphne - February 9, 2017 Reply

Yes Com, tell us more.
This is exactly what I’m focused more on and sharing with others. I know mindset is huge.
It’s great to hear about making more money
“without having to work all the damn time” from someone who’s actually done it and done it very successfully.
so yes Com, please tell us more !

Garth Lawrence - January 14, 2018 Reply

I am pumped up and ready to execute the strategies which will lead to ultra wealth. Let’s have a discussion.

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