November 17, 2016

The Secrets That Super charge Your Personal Branding

What do a bunch of entrepreneurs like myself, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, and a bunch of other awesome entrepreneurs know about building personal brands?

It’s simple we have all built strong personal brands using different methods and strategies. I personally have built a huge following online and i share some tips in this article along with my other contributors.

I remember seeing an interview with comedian Russell Peters on how he got so big and he said that he used to show up anywhere and everywhere even if it was a crowd of 1 person or 100 people. He would show up and perform and eventually the crowds got bigger. Now he performs to sold-out crowds of 50,000 plus consistently.

I personally have applied the same formula throughout the last 5-6 years i’ve shown up everywhere. over 30 countries, over 50 cities in the last 18 months alone. I once spoke and educated entrepreneurs in 9 different cities in 4 days. So you can imagine the hectic travel schedule and endless nights of sleep that took. I’ve continually showed up all around the world over and over again at hundreds of events, conferences, workshops and masterminds including hosting and running my own masterminds, conferences and finally this year our very first Expo attended by over 41,000 people.

There’s no big secret here, if you want to grow your personal brand you have to get out there and educate people on what you have learned that can help them make money, solve their pains and personally develop their minds, businesses and bank accounts. You have to show up, produce massive content and consistently keep doing so until you reach that tipping point where the offers to speak, perform, educate, teach and share your knowledge and experience out grow your comfort zone and out grow your available time.

Today i get multiple requests almost every single day to speak somewhere and teach somewhere and share my successes and failures. But it all starts with you getting out there, showing up and relentlessly continuing to get out there and show up.

Check out this article.

Com Mirza

Investor - over 7 dozen investments, Entrepreneur 30+ companies, Global Mentor to 50k + people

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